PKR Bonus Codes FAQ Learn more about PKR codes

What is PKR?

PKR is the first 3D online poker room. It was established in 2006 and it is already one of the most successful poker rooms. No other 3D poker room was created ever since, and PKR remains the only poker rooms that uses such an advanced software. The number of players grows at record rates, and the game is updated constantly to add new features and improve the players experience.

What is a PKR Bonus Code?

PKR uses bonus codes to give cash rewards to its players. When a new player signs up at PKR or when he makes the first deposit, he has the possibility of using a PKR bonus code. The bonus code will grant him a bonus depending on the deposit amount and the code used. The bonus will be released after the player completes the wagering requirements of the bonus. The bonus code must be introduced in the “Bonus code” field when signing up or making your first deposit.

What are the wagering requirements? What does “Points / $” mean?

PKR Bonus Codes have different wagering requirements. The smaller the requirements, the easier to clear the bonus is. The “Points / $” column shows the number of PKR points required for one dollar of bonus money. If the bonus requires 225 points for one dollar, then a $20 bonus will require 4500 PKR points to clear. The full amount of PKR points must be earned before the bonus is released.

Is there a time limit to earn the PKR points and release the bonus?

Yes. The bonus must be released in two months after the day the first deposit was made. This is why you should choose an adequate bonus for your playing style. If you don’t play too often, you should choose a smaller bonus with smaller requirements. Otherwise you may find yourself unable to clear the bonus.

Are PKR bonuses harder to clear than bonuses at other poker rooms?

No. The truth is that PKR bonuses are among the easiest to clear bonuses in online poker. Other poker rooms have much higher requirements for releasing their bonuses, and the points are much harder to earn. The PKR bonuses are designed to suit every player, and clearing the bonus is very easy for any regular player.

Are these bonuses good for reload deposits? Can I have more than one bonus?

PKR offers these bonuses only for first deposits. They are very big bonuses and a player can have such bonus only once. However, rest assured that you will receive many reload bonuses while playing at PKR. They issue reload bonuses for their players on a regular bases, and you will receive the reload bonus codes by email.

I already have a PKR account. Can I still use your PKR bonus codes?

If you already have an account but you didn’t make a deposit, you are able to use our PKR bonus codes. However, if you have already made deposits at PKR and you are a regular real money player you should wait for reload bonuses from PKR.

What is the best PKR bonus code?

It is impossible to say that a bonus code is “the best”. PKR created more bonus codes because each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Some bonuses are easier to clear while others give you more money. It is up to you to decide which is the best bonus code for you.

Are the PKR bonus codes from your site better than the ones from other websites?

We have all the possible bonuses at PKR. There is no other bonus option than the ones you will find on our website. We are promoting PKR bonus codes from the time PKR was launched and are always up to date with the newest bonuses. Our bonus codes are 100% working and are explained in detail so that you will be able to choose the best bonus for you. You won’t find any other bonuses because there aren’t.

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